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Visit this spectacular national park in Western Australia and you won't just be going on a trip; you'll be taking an action-packed journey through two billion years to the Earth's natural history.

In the mood for something different? How about hanging off rock-faces by your fingertips to plunge into freezing waters? Then make Hwee Carter, director of West Oz Active Adventures Tours, your new best friend.

Having left behind her former life working in the corporate medical sector back in Perth, she - along with husband Geoff - moved to Karijini earlier this year to take over the company that has been running adventure tours of the park for the last decade.

Her day job now involved taking adventurous tourists canyoning (that's abseiling, swimming, hiking and climbing) across the deepest gorges of the park - many of which are a class 6 and restricted for the general public.

"I've always ben drawn to this corner of the world," admits Carter, who says her connection to the land she frequented often as a child is the result of a combination of the hear (during summer, temperatures frequently top 40 C, the deep-red death and crystal-clear waterways. "It feels like and oasis; but not only that; you can't help but feel a deep connection with the Earth's history".

Admittedly, it's hard no to feel that connection; the gorges that draw in the travellers have been shaped by the elements over hundreds of millions of years, and there's some evidence they originated some 2,500 million years ago.

This is an excerpt from Garuda Indonesia's Colours Magazine published in October 2017. You can read the full article online.

Published October 1, 2017



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